Daily Start

UPDATES: Provides ability to change the date. Pushing on the date button displays the date picker and convenience buttons. The date picker can set any date in the last or this century. Convenience buttons provide ability to change the date one day forward or back and allow search for a Blue Moon! Blue moons (the second full mooon in a month) are not as rare as you might imagine. There are more inspirational quotations, and pictures and graphics have been updated. ------- The day starts and you want inspiration to charge yourself mentally and be at your best throughout the day. You need something to tickle the brain and charge the body through the mind-body connection. Inspirational quotations do just that! They make you think, and most of all think efficiently.

You start this app and colorful animations begin. App then displays a quotation and an inspirational picture. Some quotes are so on target they perfectly fit your lifestyle for the day. They immediately focus the mind and you feel energetic.

Touch the quotation area and feel the power of colorful spirals under your finger. Push the button, double tap or swipe the screen and another random quotation and scene appear on the screen. You continue until you feel the inspiration and the energy. It is like having the wisdom of ages literally at your fingertips.

The app contains over 500 quotations and 65 scenes, and a few are bound to inspire you every day (future free updates will add to this collection).

The app displays the current zodiac sign and its duration. You can casually inform your friends that it is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, or that Leo is awake and ready to roar!

The app shows the moon phase of the day for your location, whether you live in the Northern, Southern, or Equatorial regions. You can plan an evening walk under teh stars, look for werewolves at night, or lead an expedition hunting for snarks with children and flashlights!

Buy it today and make your days inspired!

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