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If you are serious about raising your golf game, you won't want to skip this advice...

In today’s busy world people often lose focus. They don’t take care of themselves, or take time out for themselves. They try to do so much in a short period of time that often they injure themselves trying to squeeze so much into their daily schedule. Oh, if only there was a way that they could exercise, regain focus, and help their emotional and physical well being all at the same time. Now, with Golf Yoga for iPhone and iPod Touch, this fantasy has become a reality. This informational app is a handy instruction guide for those avid golfers who would like to improve their health as well as their golf score.

This yoga guide begins by gently easing you into a pre-game warm-up providing you with 13 poses and stretches to get your muscles ready for their workout over the next 18 holes. With pictures and a brief “How To” description, you can see the exercise, correct posture and body alignment, as well as benefits from performing each stretch. As your stamina increases, so does your exercise routine. After you have mastered the “warm up” series, you move on to the “beginner” sequence. This 34 pose routine further increases your stamina, strength, and flexibility needed to continue at an optimum level of performance and focus; all with the same in-depth photos and instructions that were so beneficial in the warm-up series. The “advanced” routine enables you to take your game to a whole new level with this 34 pose series helping you maintain your concentration; and eliminates any slowing down of your game, or loss of energy halfway through the holes.

Golf is a low-impact way of becoming physically fit while having fun. Injuries are a major concern among golfers who don’t want to be kept off the course for any reason. That’s why it’s important to understand how every part of your body contributes to your golf score. With Golf Yoga on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can focus on your weak spots with 7 pose categories.

  1. Wrists – 4 poses show you how to increase power and improve ball striking capability even from the bad lies and deep rough.
  2. Shoulders – 14 poses help to strengthen rotator cuffs and prevent injury.
  3. Back – 8 poses instruct you how to maintain the proper spine angle during swing, and improve posture preventing back injury.
  4. Quads/Knees – 9 poses provide a solid stance for upper body twisting; and proper weight shift when swinging a golf club.
  5. Hips – 8 poses promote strong leg power for those aggressive shots, and strengthen the support for your upper torso.
  6. Balance – 10 poses create more consistency, power, and control over your swing while making your motions smoother.
  7. Twist/Core – 12 poses help you strengthen your most important muscle groups. This increases your strength and flexibility, balance, range of motion and shoulder turn for maximum power and distance.
All poses can be scrolled up to fill the entire screen for reading; scroll down to see the picture again and the category it fits into; while left and right options allow you to view the pictures as if they were in a photo album. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, golf coach, or a skilled golfer, having Golf Yoga on your iPhone or iPod Touch is going to ensure that the only handicap you’ll have is the one on your score card.

One can easily spend large amounts of money on golf instructions and equipment. Try this inexpensive app to improve your golf game, get fit and surprise your friends.

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