Take your yoga practice with you wherever you go! For people on the move, Yoga Browser is an ideal practice companion and yoga guide. Yoga Browser shows major poses commonly used in yoga practice sessions. It includes over 85 poses grouped into 7 categories. Each pose is annotated with its English and Sanskrit name and its difficulty level. Yoga Browser also provides detailed descriptions for each pose including pose simplification and advanced posture enhancement tips. Pose categories include beginning, intermediate, advanced and restorative poses. You can refer to the pose photographs for functional body alignment in your home or during travel when you don't have access to a yoga studio. Also included are exercise routines with pose sequences for basic, intermediate, and advanced yoga workout sessions. Joanne Tastula developed these pose categories, photographs, and descriptions and assimilated them into smooth flowing graded practice routines. Joanne is an experienced Yogi with thousands of hours of teaching experience and teaches yoga classes, workshops and retreats internationally and locally in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Yoga Pose Categories:

  1. Standing (13 poses)
  2. Forward Bends (11 poses)
  3. Lateral/Twists (12 poses)
  4. Core/Strength (9 poses)
  5. Back Bends (13 poses)
  6. Inversions (11 poses)
  7. Floor Poses (18 poses)

Exercise Routines:

  • Basic (26 pose sequence)
  • Intermediate (28 pose sequence)
  • Advanced (37 pose sequence)

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